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jangbu tibetan mastiff breeders australia

Jangbu Tibetan Mastiffs is a family run Tibetan Mastiff hobby farm in Australia, and located on the mid north coast of NSW. Our dogs are our family and are not locked away in kennels. They enjoy everyday life with us exploring the property. 



Breeding TMs has become a huge obsession and passion. We are one of the largest Tibetan Mastiff Importers in the southern hemisphere! We have travelled the world visiting kennels and breeders overseas to secure some very unique and rare bloodlines for our kennel. We have worked hard to ensure the Authenticity of our breeding dogs, securing some of the best Authentic Tibetan and Chinese Bloodlines. Our dogs are registered with Dogs NSW/ANKC. To have this registration, we must go through very strict protocols to ensure that we have obtained Authentic TMs with pedigrees that are recognised not only in Australia but also overseas with other recognised and established governing bodies to be true and correct. We are registered breeders with Dogs NSW member number 2100061549 since 2010



Our dogs and puppies are cared for by a veterinary nurse, dog trainers, professional groomers and we even have our very own animal transport company World-Class Hounds! But, most of all they are our family. We are happy to talk with people about the breed and encourage visitors to meet our dogs


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