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Jangbu Tibetan Mastiff puppies are unique and make wonderful family companions, home and farm guardians and show dogs, both in Australia and overseas.

We aim our breeding program on producing puppies from authentic and primitive bloodlines to help improve the breed. Our breeding goal is to produce substantial, imposing and primitive examples of the breed with beautiful Asian type, large coats, solid bone and beautiful head types in a variety of colours including black, black and tan, red gold and blue!

We are involved with showing our dogs and they are very successful however, we do not base our breeding program solely on show wins. While we feel it is important to be involved in the promotion of the breed and assessment of our dogs, we don't feel that basing a breeding program solely on show wins is productive or beneficial for the breed. We believe that finding the very best examples of the breed from the country of origin is more important than show wins.

We hope to produce Tibetan Mastiffs that are healthy and sound and our breeding dogs are hip and elbow xrayed. We also aim to produce Tms with stable temperaments that will still function as a TM is meant to.

We are located half way between Sydney and Brisbane major airports with a local airport at Coffs Harbour NSW. We encourage people to meet us and the dogs in person and can organise transport for our puppies all over the world and within Australia using our very own transport company, World-Class Hounds!

We are registered breeders with Dogs NSW member number 2100061549


The Tibetan mastiff as a primitive breed, only has a single estrous per year and puppies are normally available each winter. 

Jangbu puppies are only placed in the BEST of lifelong homes and we do have a waiting list for our puppies. 

To be placed onto our waiting list please contact us today!

Jangbu puppies are raised in a family environment. They are handled daily and used to daily activity with the family. Before leaving at around 9 weeks of age, they are exposed to lots of people, children, car trips, grooming, crate training, scary sounds, other dogs, cats and chickens. Our puppies are raised by a veterinary nurse and we aim to create an environment for puppies to grow healthy, happy and strong.  

Jangbu puppies are assessed for temperament, type and structure at 8 weeks of age to ensure new owners receive the puppy that suits there lifestyle and individual requirements best. Whether it be for the show ring, home or farm guardian or just a loving family companion, we try to ensure that everyone receives a puppy they are happy with that will be apart of the family for life.

Jangbu puppies come with the following:

  • vaccinated and microchipped

  • worm and parasite free

  • vet checked

  • pedigree papers (limited/main/export)

  • comprehensive information pack 

  • breeder advice and support

  • 6 weeks pet insurance

We stand by the puppies we breed and like to make sure that every puppy and owner is happy. We are available for the life of our puppies to offer any advice if needed and take our puppies back or assist with rehoming to a suitable new family if for any chance they require rehoming during their life

We encourage people to visit our dogs and puppies by appointment.


Please note that a Tibetan Mastiff grows into a large powerful primitive dog that requires a dedicated owner to train, socialise and correctly raise a puppy. They are a life long companion and don't rehome easily

Please read our about TMs page before inquiring about a puppy to ensure the TM is right for you!

* Please note that all deposits are non refundable for change of mind/circumstances unless previously arranged with us

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